Tuesday, July 30, 2013

William Roper Lewis

Andrew and Joanna Lewis are proud parents of William Roper Lewis who was born in the fall of 2012.  Grandparents William and Judy Lewis spend as much time as possible with their new grandson.

William Roper and Joanna Lewis

Lynn Lewis 80th Birthday

In July, 2012 it was a joyous occasion not only to travel to California for Uncle Lynn's 80th birthday celebration, but to see many relatives all in one location.  First and second cousins from William, Walter, and Lynn Lewis reminisced from years past.  Family is precious and must get together more often.

The entire clan in California.

Cousin Paul Lewis and Sue Lewis Fitzgerald

Uncle Lynn Lewis and wife Chris Lewis

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010

Highlights of 2010 include:
• Nathan Lewis Bruschi graduates from Dartmouth and joins the Navy
• Keith Reitz graduates from medical school
• Dylan spends the summer in China brushing up on the language and culture
• Andrew Lewis marries Joanna Simmons
• Bill and Judy Lewis move back to New Jersey
• Mike and Sue Fitzgerald add another puppy to the family
• John Lewis takes a hiking trip to Hawaii
• Cathy and Damian Bruschi spend two weeks in Paris

Monday, September 20, 2010

Andrew and Joanna Lewis Wedding

Andrew Roper Lewis and Joanna Simmons were wed in Durham, NC on September 18, 2010.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nathan Lewis Bruschi Graduates Dartmouth 2010

Nathan Lewis Bruschi, oldest son of Damian Bruschi and Cathy Lewis Bruschi, graduated Cum-Lauda from Dartmouth on June 14, 2010. Family members that were able to attend the ceremony were his parents, Dylan Lewis Bruschi (younger brother), Connie Lewis Reitz, Susan Lewis Fitzgerald, Mike Fitzgerald and Cathy Reitz. Nathan is looking into options in joining Special Forces in the Navy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009

The 2009 year brought much change to the Fitzgerald family. In early January Mike accepted a new position in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and began his new job with Dallas Airmotive on February 2. Sue stayed behind in South Carolina with three dogs, the house on the market, and completed her last few months with South Carolina before retirement. Sue and the dogs were able to visit Mike, who was living in our 39’ diesel motor home, during Spring Break in search of a new home. Sue officially resigned from her job and retired from the South Carolina Retirement System on June 6, 2009. It’s incredible to think that she has been in the teaching/educational field for 30 years. While on another house hunting trip to Dallas a purchase offer came in on their South Carolina home on July 4th. Things moved rather quickly with the closing of one home, building of another home in Trophy Club, Texas, and moving the entire house and family 1,000 miles. Although Sue retired from SC, she wasn’t ready to idle at home and accepted a position as an Upper School Librarian in a private school in Dallas. The Fitzgerald family is still adjusting to the city life in the DFW area with each day. They were able to visit with Sue’s cousins Fran and Larry Nichols and family over the Thanksgiving holiday. They joined Mike’s sister, Suzi and her family, who only live 10 miles away, for a wonderfully festive Thanksgiving celebration. Mike and Sue have a large house and welcome everyone who might be in the DFW area to stop and visit.

Connie and Bill Reitz – Although Connie has retired from teaching, she continues to work as an assistant in the Junior High School. Connie and Bill continue to live on Wilson Hill in Massena, NY
Cathy Reitz – Congratulations on Cathy’s purchase to her new home this year. Cathy continues to work as a Speech and Hearing therapist in a public school and it seems owning a new home has kept her very busy.
Keith Reitz – Is working on his Internship in Psychiatry in Brooklyn, NY

Bill and Judy Lewis – Bill took a new position and relocated back to New Jersey. Judy continues to work in Tulsa and will follow Bill when the house sells.
Andrew Lewis – Andrew and fiancĂ©e Joanna have moved to the Raleigh Durham area where Andrew is working on his Internship in Radiology. Andrew and Joanna have set a wedding date in 2010.
Cara Lewis – Cara has been doing well as a lawyer in the Washington D.C. area.

John and Kim Lewis – John has started his own business while still working for his company so he’s been rather busy this season. Kim loves working in a private school. Both still enjoy the great benefits of living in Austin, Texas.

Cathy and Damian Bruschi – The Bruschi family continues to travel between New York and Florida but spending much time in the Sunshine State. Their business continues to keep everyone very busy.
Nathan Bruschi – Nathan had a great year studying overseas in both Spain and England. His parents were able to visit Nathan while he attended Oxford in the spring. Nathan will graduate from Dartmouth in 2010 and is looking into post-graduate options.
Dylan Bruschi – Dylan is a junior at Lake Highland Preparatory in Florida. He’s an asset to the debate team and is looking into colleges.

Jenifer Cohen and Bob Smith – Jenifer and Bob work together in their accounting business. They have traveled much this year and love condo life in downtown Greenville, SC.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Walter Lewis

March 3, 1927 Walter Ray Lewis was born in Clariton, Pennsylvania to David John and Sarah Ann Beedle Lewis. As the third son and fourth child to be born into this family, Walt would be celebrating his 82nd birthday today. To the heavens above, I wish you a very Happy Birthday dad.