Monday, March 24, 2008

Gibson Family Story

I found the Gibson family a rather interesting story. It begins with George Gibson immigrating to the Cambridge, Massachusetts area with his wife from Durie, England. It is believed he settled very close to where Harvard is now located. There is a story that George's son John Gibson, his son John Jr., and his son's wife accused two women of witchcraft. Court records show the accused Winifred Holman and her daughter Mary Holman in turn filed a suit against John Gibson, his son John Jr., and John Jr.'s wife. The extensive court records found to include details of character and what life was like in the early 1660s. The Holman women won the suit. In the following generation, Timothy Gibson moved to Stowe, Massachusetts and was brought up by the Holman family. Somehow the families reunited and put the witchcraft court case behind them. Timothy Gibson and Peris Rice were the parents of our Sergeant Major John Gibson who was born in Stowe in 1746. After the Revolutionary War John Gibson and his wife Mary or Mercy moved to Pomfret, Vermont where their son Charles Gibson was born in 1782. Charles married Rhonda Phillips and started a family before he moved to the Hopkinton, New York area. Charles and Rhonda had 9 children with many of their descendents still living in the Potsdam, Parishville, and Hopkinton area in St. Lawrence County, NY. Charles’s oldest son was John Gibson who was born in 1808 in Vermont. I do remember Aunt Jessie tell of a story of the family migrating from the Vermont area to Hopkinton. When John became of age he moved to Louisville Landing, NY where he spent the rest of his life. He and his wife Fanny Ellsworth had 7 children including our great grandfather and Aunt Jessie’s father, Eugene Gibson. John and Fanny’s youngest daughter was Frances Ellen Gibson who died in Louisville Aug. 27, 1854, at the age of 7 years. Frances’s death must have been a tragedy to the family along with 2 other children dieing early in life. Frances’s death is a mystery but maybe someone can find a record of the cause. I think she might be buried in the Louisville cemetery along with her parents, sisters, brothers, and our beloved Aunt Jessie.