Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why Women Should Vote

Greetings to all of the Lewis Family
I saw this e-mail and it reminded me of my father(Dave Lewis) kidding my mother(Sarah) about all the times she went out and demonstrated for Women's Right to Vote. In my mother's teen years and twenties (1910 to 1920) it was an exciting time in the women's suffrage movement. She would share with all of us her experiences of picketing and marching for this cause.
I don't remember her ever saying that she has been arrested or had spent a night in jail least she never mentioned it to any of us.
In addition, I believe she may have participated (demonstrating) in a similar way in the support of prohibition (1915-1920.) Prohibition went into effect in 1920-1933. She was an avid supporter of the WCTU, (Women's Christian Temperance Union) most of her life. ( No one in our family every had an alcoholic drink in our home)

Thought this information about Sarah Lewis would be of interest to many of you.

Hope you are all doing well.
Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Lynn (whichever fits!)

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